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5 Gadgets to Spoil Your Boyfriend This Christmas!

Spoiling the one you love most is one of the many exciting things about the Christmas season. Giving signifies appreciation and love for your partner, so what kind of gadgets will ensure your partner feels spoiled? 


Upgrade His Old Watch

Every man likes his watches, and this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be a great addition to his daily routine, as it can do much more than tell time! 

Your guy can use this for exercise and wellness purposes, Google Maps, and a collection of smart tools with the swipe of a finger. Being water-resistant, it can even measure your partner’s blood pressure with its 3-on-1 sensor, so make your partner’s life just that little easier with a versatile device!


Need for Speed With an Electric Skateboard

If your guy loves to be active and to explore the outdoors, consider gifting him the latest in skateboard technology! Skateboards are fun to ride even once you hit adulthood, but what about upgrading to a more powerful version? 

The Evolve Bamboo Series GTR All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is a part of a range of electric skateboards something your man will love to show off to his mates, just like the good old rip-stick days. It has incredible high performance, with 3000 watts of power and an Australian-made durable bamboo design! Even if he’s more of an indoor person, he will still be curious enough to give it a try! 


Greater PC Gaming

The Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset is one of the best in the virtual reality market. Your partner will feel spoiled with this being added to their gaming collection this Christmas! Imagine how cool it would be to battle monsters in The Elder Scrolls using a premium virtual system.

It includes a sharp and vivid display, tracks movements for a more realistic feel, an ergonomic and comfortable design, and a library of exclusive games within the Oculus store. This VR set has one of the best reputations out there.


Why Not Apple?

There’s not much to say when justifying buying the iPad Pro 12.19”, your boyfriend will be speechless receiving the most modern Apple technology. 

He can watch his favourite videos on YouTube, play thousands of games via the app store, capture gorgeous photos with the 12-megapixel camera, keep track of important events, and even create art with the Apple Pencil! With its hefty price tag comes a worthy investment that your boyfriend won’t ever need to replace.


Drone’s Away!

This is a gift he won’t expect to see under the tree! If his passion is video content creation or he’s an aspiring YouTuber, the DJI Mini SE Drone will allow him to record the videos of his dreams. If he’s a nature-loving man, he’ll have the freedom to create timeless scenery!

Not only is it portable, compact, and reliable with battery life, it includes a 3-axis motorised camera that is 2.7K Quad HD, allowing for top-notch cinematic recording! This aircraft will ultimately give your boyfriend the confidence to start his movie-making journey, and pairs with a DJI Fly app for viewing videos live.

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