Digital Business Cards – Now a Trend

From what you can see in our surroundings, you can tell how advanced our technology is nowadays. Almost everything now is done with the help of digital technology. 
Digital Technology connects people and machines with each other or with information. Just like in terms of payment, you don’t have to do the payment face to face at all. Using digital technology, you can settle the payment safely through virtual payment methods. 
Another good example of digital technology is the use of digital business cards.

What is a digital business card?

Also known as electronic or virtual business cards, digital business cards are the online mode of giving or exchanging contact information. As we all know, business cards are essential when it comes to the professional business world. It is our means of sharing all our important details including the name, contact number, email address, and other relevant information that we could give to people. One of the popular digital business card applications right now is Blinq. Read on to learn more about Blinq.App, its benefits, and how it works. 

How does Blinq works?

Blinq is an application that makes the creation and sharing of information through the digital business card easier, quicker, and has fewer hassles. The use of digital business cards nowadays is becoming essential. Because in one easy step, you can get all the information that you need from one person, company, or brand. 
This application lets you put the profile into salesforce. It also shares your professional identity online with people.
The magic starts as you scan the card or any resources that contains the QR code of a particular business. You can get all its details in an instance and lead you directly to the system or salesforce. 
Blinq.App lets you share the QR Code by email, Airdrop, or SMS. And guess what, it is not necessary that the other user must have the same app. He still can access the QR code even without having this application installed on his device. Less hassles, more comfort. 

Blinq.App digital business card vs. traditional business card

Blinq has discovered a mind-blowing technology to give a better experience in giving information. See how it is way better as compared to the traditional business card. 
  1. Blinq.App saves the use of trees because a digital business card is paper-free.  As we know that we need paper to reproduce traditional business cards.
  2. This app also lets you enjoy the benefits of updating the details on your profile anytime that you want. We know that the traditional business card’s information is static, you can’t update it once printed.
  3. This application lets you keep track of every person that you meet, when and where you shared your card with them. It does not focus only on sharing your professional details but also on managing your contacts and connections. Obviously, a traditional business card is not able to do any sort of this activity.
  4. Using this application, all the information and process is done on your phone or on your watch (Blinq watch). But not with the traditional business card. You need to carry a staff that you will give hand-in-hand to other people that may need your details.
  5. Using this trending digital business card can make a great first impression on others. Especially if you are meeting with professionals. Because we are living in a high-end era, the use of high-end technology impresses the guests.

If you still prefer the use of physical business cards, Blinq introduces the latest mode of cards, the plastic NFC cards. It would be the last business card that you will ever need.

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