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How is Covid-19 Affecting Shipping Times for Online Businesses Across the World

Covid-19 has impacted the world in a variety of ways. From enforced lockdowns to compulsory face coverings, travel restrictions to work from home arrangements, the online shopping world has been no stranger to the ongoing impacts. With many people turning to online shopping, whether that’s because they are unable to visit a shop in person or for its convenience, postal companies across the globe are being smashed with millions of deliveries happening daily in Australia alone. So, with the increased demand for postage delivery, how are shipping times for online businesses across the globe impacted? Take a look below to find out.


Increase in demand

It is no secret that many of us have turned to online shopping in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are a variety of reasons why our online shopping habits may have expanded – whether we are spending more time at home and we want to fill the time (and our wardrobes), we are unable to go out shopping in person or we want to make the most of the sales many retailers are offering for online shoppers. According to Australia Post, August 2020 was the biggest month in Australian online shopping history, with over 8.1 million households shopping online between March and August. This increased demand has had a huge impact on shipping times across the globe, as postal companies have had to adapt to meet their customers’ needs.


Reduced freight

Although there has been a massive increase in demand for online shopping, air freight has been reduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. According to Easyship, air freight capacity has dropped to its lowest in three years, as most airlines have suspended up to 90% of their passenger routes. Because of this huge reduction combined with an increase in demand, airlines are having to adapt to meet their customers’ needs. As passenger requirements lower and cargo demands increase, airlines such as Virgin and Qatar are increasing their capacity for freight by using their passenger planes as cargo flights to meet the ongoing demand.

Even when it comes to road freight, companies are facing challenges with the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Online shoppers may notice that their parcels are coming from different locations than they usually do due to restrictions, with different routes and even temporary route restrictions in place. All of these challenges are impacting shipping times for online businesses across the globe, as delivery companies have to continuously adapt to adhere to the restrictions while meeting their customers’ needs.


Customs for international parcels

If your latest online shopping spree is coming from a different country, you can also expect additional shipping delays, as your item will have to make a stop in customs due to worldwide government regulations. With an increase in parcel delivery both locally and internationally, parcels may be significantly delayed during the customs process. It is also important to note that customs is not always included in your shipping time estimate – so make sure you factor that in if you’re shopping online!

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